A 30th wedding anniv-gift of 30 illustrd poems writ n'drawn by me


It seems like Claire and I have always been ‘Bear’ and ‘Bozeau’.

Now, in addition to our own kids, we’ve got nieces and nephews who think of us as Aunt Bear and Uncle Bozeau.

As we approached what would be our 30th wedding anniversary I began to write a book of poems for an anniversary present—thirty poems, one for each year.

And on August 29th, 2010 our 30th Anniversary came–and the result is the book you have in your hand.

In closing, I’d like to assure the reader that all of the wondrous graces and powers I ascribe to the bears in this book are not exaggerated, but are the reality of my lifelong love, the Bear de la Plume–


“To Bear – Thanks for the best thirty years so far!”


-Bozeau de Clowne   April 2011

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